Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ksara: the sun stood still while setting

Ksara came up with a super summerish campaign, makes me regret I used the title "of all these things is made my summer wine" not so long ago as it is very fitting for this post. Still, there are three visuals, the one above, one with a man and a woman with their lips about to be interlocked with the line "linger", and one of a group of friends eating at dusk with the headline "long lunch". I believe the third is something the client wanted so bad to add some diversity to the "couple" themes (and it's the weakest of the campaign). The other two fill the spot correctly. The major flaw of the campaign however is the copy... it's simply superfluous! You already have "sip summer" so why add "pause", "linger", or "long lunch"?
You want to stress anticipation? You want to induce the sense of farniente and Dolce Vita? Good... Then why dumb it down as if the consumer would never get what you are saying with the visual. And if you really - and I mean really - want to add a line, at least let it be something that would add value to the already good visual and layout (plus the "sip summer").
What would really have made a difference would have been some classy Arabic all while keeping the English signature, I really felt this campaign would have went stratospheric if the line "wel chams bi lahzet l'ghyab..." (والشمس بلحظة الغياب) which is taken from Wael Kfoury's breakthrough hit and a reference to the line "and the sun at the time of setting, would standstill for a week" (والشمس بلحظة الغياب تبقى جمعة بمحلها).

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