Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Spinney's and TSC both ace their ads! What's YOUR excuse?

In advertising "supermarket advertising" is known as the lowest common denominator - it brings a lot of volume and requires zero creativity. Really? Think again! Both leading chains in Lebanon - namely Spinney's and TSC - have come up with stunning ads! With the approach of Ramadan Spinney's went "mitl ka2annak ma defe3" the trick is that they played on the word "ma defe3" which means "as if you did not pay" but the word also doubles as "cannons" which signal the end of the fast daily for those who observe the holy month to start their iftar - oh and the visual is an cut aubergine on two cucumber wheels! Genius!
And TSC? Well, they went outdoors for the summer with "think outside... no box required". I rest my cast and now long to see their promotional catalogs!

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