Monday, June 16, 2014

Mr. White and Pierre Khoury do their own Monsters Inc.

One of the beautiful things about being Beirut/NTSC is that sometimes, instead of chasing stuff, the stuff end up chasing me! Just yesterday I lamented how little is going in the market. And bang! As a punishment tonight lands in my inbox this beautiful initiative from Pierre Khoury and Hani Abyad (Studio Mr. White), who - without being funded, requested, commissioned, yada yada - have decided "to transfer our enthusiasm about this summer's night life in Beirut, our hope that this year would be better and bigger than the ones before."
The 1 minute strong animation shows that " even the biggest and baddest of monsters, the ones causing the biggest calamities can't help but give in to the vibes of Beirut, morphing them into silly creatures dancing mindlessly to western and Arabic tunes."
It is initiatives like these that keep us clinging to the hope, that somewhere, somehow, without fuss or fanfare or crowd-funding or whatever, some people really just want to spread a positive image without going into a live-love whatever.... Just they make do with what they have. Or rather with what they don't have!

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