Monday, May 19, 2014

Beirut/NTSC immortalized in stencil at the Lebanese University.

Photo credit: Nadim Nasr

On a typical Sunday, some bloggers go to the beach and review tanning lotions, others go on hikes and write extensively about it, some others cook, or just watch football (you know them by their tweets), and then there's Beirut/NTSC which goes to the Lebanese University in Deir el Kamar and gives a lecture about graffiti.
I actually lectured last year and the result was truly phenomenal which prompted them to be kind enough to invite me again this year. And frankly, this year reserved a mega-surprise for me: The students (specifically the Pencil n' Stencil graffiti crew) prepared a cut out of my face and sprayed it on the gigantic wall they were covering with their funky designs. The end result was a Warholian Kaleidoscope of yours truly (with the acronym NTSC in Arabic below it as it appears on the logo of the blog!) and whereas you can see from the amount of hands pictured that it was a collaborative effort, I ended up signing it myself with TJC NTSC (Tarek Joseph Chemaly Never Twice Same City) on the right hand corner.
I seriously wish to thank everyone at the Lebanese University, Dr. May Karame, Abir, Marie, Nijad, Pencil n' Stencil (all of you are incredible, and Raydan you are priceless!), the students (including my number one fan Nadim!) for giving a wonderful day and super memento I shall treasure forever.

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