Friday, March 21, 2014

Using brand names as generic products

So I was playing "yo-yo" and so my brother asked me to play a game of "ping pong" with him under the sun, and wiped the sweat with a "kleenex", but eventually I really got this severe headache and took an "aspirin", and what's worse is that I also tripped because the "velcro" of my shoes were not fastened, and so I needed a "band aid" for the wound, and at this stage I really need to go to the "Jacuzzi" just to forget that awful afternoon - but not before taking something refreshing out of the "Frigidaire".
Did I make my point?
So we all use names of trademarked brands interchangeably as product names, naturally this decreases this specificity of the brand in the long run. In an ad run by Frigidaire a salesman is seem with him palm on his face with the line "votre femme veut un Frigidaire? Et de quelle marque?" (your wife wants a Frigidaire? And from which brand?), I got reminded of his while walking today and I say this beautiful sticker on a... "sports utility vehicle" from Land Rover.
Which naturally sent me to the Kleenex ad...
The copy is quite explicit even if not totally positive. Not sure what the reaction of the public was but someone already suggested a better spin on it:
"We know you love Kleenex. You use it at home, in the office, in the car. You reach for us when you’re sick with the sniffles, when you need to wipe something off your desk, or when you watch your favorite sad movie on DVD. We’re proud that in your mind, a tissue might as well be called a Kleenex. The other tissue brands might get jealous if you call them by the wrong name — so just make sure you keep us on hand."
And how did I find all of this information?
By "googling" it!

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