Friday, March 21, 2014

Castania nails it for Mother's day (UPDATE)

Research credit: G.H.

So finally we have a winner for Mother's Day!... Castania one of our local nuts brands has come up with this "b7ebbik min ana w fastouk" (I love you since I was a fastouk - with fastouk meaning "something very small"... but also "festok" means "peanuts"!).... And so this was the best one this year.

It has been brought to my attention by Zahi Haddad that the above ad is too close to Al Rifai's outing for the same occasion which I am posting below:
"I'd like to thank you for loving me since I was this small" (the line in Arabic says the same). I still think that conceptually, copy-wise, and visually Castania wins by far.
Zahi's concern is that the ad for Castania is a rip off since both refer to peanuts and being small. Legitimate concern but I still think that Castania has won by a mile over everyone else this year.

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