Friday, February 14, 2014

When it comes to picking, take your Pix

So this is an avant-premiere of some sort, I caught wind of this ad right when it was launched digitally. The product, PIX by Mastergum is a hard candy, some nosing around led me to understand that in blind tastes and focus groups it was superior in taste to the current category leader. Apparently, the product existed in the market in the 60s and is being repackaged and relaunched for a new generation of consumers.
With candy companies trying the impossible to put their products in funky categories - think trident, tic tac, etc... It's all frankly a way of giving the product much more weight that it can carry. Which is why I had a soft spot for this, for once someone was not trying to "chercher midi a 14 heures" (look for noon at 2 PM!).
The premise of the ad is simple "100% Lebanese" - it was manufactured here, wrapped here. Etc. Of course it today's world where original ingredients are sourced, I am not sure if the claim can be totally correct. The other line is "fakhrak sina3tak" - which of course is a bit too reminiscent of Sanita and of Pierre Gemayel - but the simple fact that they managed to put it in new words is truly interesting in itself.
So let's recap: A new product which apparently is of high quality and low price (250 Lebanese Liras) is hitting the market, it is made in Lebanon (or at least as much as "made in Lebanon" can be), and it entices the people to take pride in their industrial sector without being petty or cheap or kitsch. Oh, and it doesn't try to oversell what it is.
I am sold!

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