Monday, February 10, 2014

The woman has been framed.

 Ormond Gigli "Models in the windows"
 Cornel Lucas "Models on scaffolding"
Jean-Paul Goude "Egoiste"

One reminded me of the other, the other reminded me of the third. Three brilliant artists knowing how to frame women within context - the windows of a building about to be torn (Gigli), scaffolding (Lucas), or a replica of a famous hotel (Goude). Disturbing fact: At the end of the Egoiste commercial, the same model of Rolls Royce featured in the Gigli photo passes by in front of the hotel... Could this be a tribute from Goude to Gigli?


Anonymous said...

I also fell on Hotel Amour's main picture that might also be a clin d'oeil to Goude and Gigli :) (check pic 01 / 10)

Tarek Chemaly said...

And for moments like these Beirut/NTSC has been created! Thank you for pointing it out... Lovely.