Sunday, February 9, 2014

BLC & Zikrayat: Strike a pose

The new campaign by BLC bank for their loans centers around selfies and the line "tswar chou fol ta3mol", in Arabic "tsawar" means "take a picture" but also "just imagine" so BLC wanted to double as "imagine what you could do (with the loan)" and of course the photography. But would you believe that the gimmick has already been used by a photography called Zikrayat - specializing in wedding photography (I am a major fan of their motto "Yes, we cam" but sadly have no photo of their ad where the camera lens turns into a wedding ring). Pity the campaign of Zikrayat which was there was before BLC did not get much exposure (sorry, this is a photography pun!) because then it would be a case of copycat. As is, it's a case of duplication by copywriting.
Oh, and I thought the BLC campaign was weak triplicating the selfie thing (for the pregnant woman execution, why not use the baby MRI photo, and for the family why not use a child's drawing on a fridge of a new house, etc....).

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