Sunday, January 12, 2014


Shawarmanji begins the year with a blast (unless it's a holdover from last year and I did not know). First let me explain that anything that ends with "ji" is something we got from the Ottoman empire (hence kindarji is "kindara" - shoe - and "ji" - person who does)... So Shawarmanji is person who does shawarma.
So, their lines are "ma tkoun m7arebji" (don't be someone who does wars), "ma tkoun machkalji" (someone who does "ma tkoun mchere3ji" (don't be someone who does arguments), but "koun Shwarmanji".
I guess these are wishes straight from the Lebanese realities.
And then they add "don't be (aforementioned) but be Shawarmanji so that this would be a good year for all of us".
I really like this campaign, it was done by a Lebanese brand, with Lebanese people in mind, and with a purely Lebanese idea and copy.

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