Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ixsir - a puzzling switch to Arabic.

I am one of those who, at the onset of their communication strategy, was positively in love with Ixsir - the rest of their positioning, whereas not totally off-track left me a bit puzzled. Still, so far things were still fine, except that this new ad left me scratching my head (and not from dandruff). Suddenly the talk switched to Arabic. I am not a snob, and as much as anyone can appreciate good Arabic copy (for which I was known in the market). But... Why? Why is suddenly the positioning changed to Arabic, and who is it addressed to (a different target audience than before?). Mind you, I have nothing against the layout or the typo which thankfully does not revert to the "chateau whatever" ads which are indistinguishable from one another.
But. Again, why? What changed in the meantime?


IXSIR said...

Dear Tarek,

At IXSIR, we truly love your blog and we count on you to have an insight on what people thinks of our ads. We always take them into consideration should they be positive or should they be pushing us to improve.

It is true that our switch to Arabic in some of our communication might come as surprise to many, but it was part of IXSIR from day one. As you mentioned in your first post, IXSIR is the Arabic root of the word “elixir” that has now been adapted in most languages – and, more importantly, we feel that it is about time Lebanese winery started being proud of their 8,000 years wine heritage. Lebanon is one of the first countries that started producing wine, and going back to the roots also comes with the language we use, at least in our opinion.

As you know, we refused to go into the “chateau - domaine, etc…” french masquerade, and instead wanted to give IXSIR, and hopefully the Lebanese wines in general, an identity of their own.

We would love to share your post on our Facebook page, and check what our fans think. Would that be OK with you?


Tarek Chemaly said...

Thank you very much for your feedback, the reason I included you in the tweet was because the change was a little puzzling. Do note that YES I have been a big fan of the way you forged your own identity far from the indistinguishable brown-burdgundy-earthy colored other wines.
So it is really a pleasure to see this as being part of a more coherent strategy of using our culture and civilization.
Since I have an acute affinity to Arabic language (and specifically advertising - in which I was a copywriter/conceptualizer for many years) if you ever need help it would be my pleasure to pitch it (and NO I am not selling my services! We could just brainstorm on your terrace and make it happen!). All my best.

IXSIR said...

It would be our pleasure to have a good brainstorming session accompanied with a few glasses of IXSIR.

Also we would like to invite you to the launch of EL 2010 where we will have a vertical tasting of both the 2009 and 2010 vintages. The tasting is happening at Cafe Diem on Monday 25th. We could then set a date for our small session at the Winery!

It would be great if you could share with us your email so we can send you the official invite :)


Tarek Chemaly said...

I am diabetic so I should not consume alcohol sadly... But I am sure we can certainly talk it over. I am for all practical purposes.