Thursday, October 17, 2013

Marcel Ghanem: laughing all the way to the bank(s)

Am I wrong or is this a very serious conflict of interest? 
Marcel Ghanem - the media personality who presents Kalam el Nass - is now the poster boy (literally) for the 60th anniversary campaign of SGBL by virtue of him anchoring a program (still very popular despite its faults) sponsored by Banque Libano-Francaise. 
Or, to be told in reverse, Kalam el Nass - sponsored by Banque Libano-Francaise - is presented by Marcel Ghanem who is the face of the SGBL campaign for their 60th anniversary.
To be fair to Ghanem, the program has been sponsored by the likes of Cadillac before and other such brands, so this could be a "passing phase" in the history of the show. But the fact that he has been picked by SGBL because he is who is he is publicly (i.e. a presented or a popular show), means that his public persona triumphed there. 
Now, the reason Libano-Francaise is sponsoring his show is because the man who presents the show happens he appears professional on air (and happens to be popular with a certain segment of the population as well). So the professional persona is the one that took the lead.
But the professional part - which is being sponsored by a bank - is what led Ghanem to become public and get money from it. And he used the public part to get an endorsement - for a competing bank - and money for it.
He wins on both accounts. And yes, he is (irritatingly) laughing all the way to the bank. Sorry the banks - plural, not singular.


Unknown said...

I find no conflict as one bank is endorsing the show and the other is endorsing the person, just like you mentioned.

Tarek Chemaly said...

But the show IS the person. He trying presenting the ill-fated "Greed" (ya atel ya ma2toul) and failed miserably. So Kalam el nass is Marcel Ghanem. Libano-Francaise is endorsing him, and so is SGBL.

Abaretruth said...

I don't see a conflict of interest either. It might be confusing.
My problem is with the SGBL ad. The campaign is off and meaningless.