Sunday, October 13, 2013

Jammal Trust Bank: Not "blond blond, chatain clair"

Now that the campaign for Jammal Turst Bank has established itself as a bit of a differentiator in the banking industry (just compare to the super dull SGBL which just hit the maket), the time has come to unveil the TVCs. And they do not dissapoint even if they take the campaign on a different angle apart from the horrendous barber shop execution), I shall be kind and only review two TVCs out of three:
The one dubbed "spice shop":
Well, it seems the Jammal employees are mind readers (and by the way, yes, this is a copy based campaign and the copy is brilliant, one could easily hear a lady saying - in a mix of French and Arabic - "mich blond blond, plutot chatain clair"! And then there's the male version centered around "car horn"
And no matter how brilliant these two TVCs are, they still fail to catch up with this one!
By the way, the Jammal Trust Bank youtube page is so badly managed there are several uploads of the same advertising and the situation is very messy.


Habib Battah said...

Just trust Jamal.

Tarek Chemaly said...

There was a beautiful campaign in the US in 2006 for Umpqua bank!!! "What if we made you dance" "what if we didn't keep bankers' hours"...