Friday, September 27, 2013

VW and a brilliant A-ha moment!

I often argue that there is a difference between stealing ads (a very rampant practice in Lebanon) and paying tribute or spoofing ads. Yesterday, we had a horrendous example of the former courtesy of Impact BBDO (yes, I still believe the ad was nicked!) and today we have a brilliant (oh-so-brilliant!) example of the latter.
VW spoofs one of the most beloved and known TV clips from the 80s. A-ha's breakthrough hit "Take On Me" and its now classic rendering (for the MTV heavy rotation of course).
Prepare to be impressed:

A-ha - Take On Me by amandaburr

What can one say... Sun always shines on MTV? Or it it did back then at least.... And as for VW... They cannot accused of thinking small.

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