Monday, March 21, 2011

The difference between STEALING and PAYING TRIBUTE

I just found the ad done by handless model Tanya Kiewitz online.... Sure, it imitates perfectly the ad by Wonderbra... But of course when Kiewitz says "look me in the eyes, I said the eyes" she is making a
point about accepting disability (as a matter of fact the ad was done for the Handicap Awereness Group CAP48.... The ad in question illustrates perfectly what I call an tribute or an hommage. And yes, believe it or not, it exists in the advertising industry. Ads imitating one another, because they are benefiting from the synergistic effects to draw attention to some issue, raise awareness about a civic campaign, etc...
Now, of course, the second ad selling Solet Tapis is merely theft!... Selling a product while pretending to have come up with the creative concept (when in fact it is stolen). An ad that does not aim to spread
awareness about any social issue, but merely aims to... to what?... Nevermind, it's just Clementine stealing again!

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