Sunday, September 8, 2013

So many ads, for little time....

Talk about whores lecturing on chastity! District S, the same people who assaulted Habib Battah for taking photos of their uncovered ruins (which were buried back) brags about having "a cosmopolitan future with firm historical roots"
To be honest I am starting to suffer from civic campaigns fatigue. I am know all of these are worthy causes, and deserve the awareness they are trying to spread, and the money they might be trying to recruit, or the Cannes Lions they are trying to beg for, or whatever... But still, at this stage too much is too much. Problem is, all these campaigns are stamping on each other's feet. This one is for the preservation of Jabal Moussa in Lebanon (specifically its biosphere reserve).
LGU (Lebanese German University) has the (dubious) claim that 98% of their graduates find work... I am always weary of statistics, especially that they come with very little explanation as to how they have been gathered, over what period of time, what was the sample, etc....
In a world where all smart phones are almost alike (apart from brand loyalty) and where the market for upper-scale smartphones has becomes over saturated, one way to differentiate yourself is through those gimmicks that come along with the phone. For Samasung Galaxy S4 zoom it is that it has 10x optical zoom. I am trying to actually find the relevance of this - but then, I am a technophobe so this ad is not for me.
So "elegance is an attitude" says Simon Baker for RedJongines... Don't get the gimmick? Then you don't watch The Mentalist!
And there you go, Annahar woke up with the house on fire.... It's interesting that this one came AFTER my own spoof. Please note, since my own spoof was based on THEIR ad, and since it was only a logical thing to flip the pen from 70 to 80 (in Arabic), but all of this is to say that - before things get to print once they are out digitally they have already consumed themselves (and if you Google Annahar 80 years, you fall on my own spoof instead of their own ad).
Now how about this oxymoron at Beirut Souks? "Don't harm a tree use the dryer" - OK, cool, I was about to but then I saw the towels anyhow... So, why provide temptation for harming trees when you are directing people to the dryer? "I can resist anything except temptation" said Oscar Wilde.... Or said Beirut Souks.

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