Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nawal Zoghi matches Anthony Bonja

Nawal Zoghbi... A woman who has undergone several plastic surgeries, is always appearing as late teenager/young adult in her videos (mostly simply by being dressed as one and by pulling silly hair tricks), but is also considered "glamorous" by a lot of women (a look at the image below could rectify this error though - it's the cover of her album dating back to 1994).
Now, Anthony Bonja is trying to sell his handbags to women who have undergone plastic surgeries, who still want to appear as later teenagers/young adults, wish to be considered glamorous (and damn those images from the 80s and 90s)... Is it just me or does anyone see a pattern here?
Of course there is. For all her "merits" or "failures" or whatever, Nawal Zoghbi is the perfect embodiment of the Anthony Bonja bags - at least to the desired target audience. And those who are not in the target audience? Well, to begin with, either we don't have the money to buy them, or have a bit of taste stopping us from buying them.

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