Monday, August 19, 2013

Goutons voir - le roi des buveurs!

I love this name... It's for "goutons voir" a place that dubs itself "bistro du coin". The genius of it is that it all refers to that song very famous among boy scouts "Chevaliers de la table ronde", actually there are other French songs related to drinking but honestly can your name your pub "Du Rhum, Des Femmes"? I doubt. In case your not a francophone, the lyrics of "Chevaliers" has to do with a man who wants to sample the wine, and if he likes it, he'd have five or six bottles. And if he dies, he wants his wake to be in the "bistrot du coin" (wink!) etc, etc... And his epitaph? "Here lies the king of drinkers". Not exactly material for Kunhadi (the road awareness NGO), but works just fine in the context.

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