Friday, July 19, 2013

Sweet rivalry - Hallab vs Hallab UPDATED

It was a matter of waiting before the "other" Hallab (Rifaat, as opposed to Abdel Rahman) weighs in on the controversy. Check here and here and here. And weigh in they did:
Photo credit: Geoana Hobeiche

"Machkal? Woslo znoud el sit" - "Problem? The "forearms" of the lady are here". Znoud el Sit being an Arabic sweet delicatesse which translates into "forearms of the lady". Meaning "back up is here".
Lame and Late.
Enough already.
So unless someone has something real substantial to say, I suggest everyone backs off from milking the joke. It is backfiring on everyone involved.
Research credit: Miled Issa

I had promised not to push this matter further unless something major happens. And there you go. Rifat Hallab came up with a genius coup!
"Hallayneha houbbiyan bi Jounieh... Thank you Qater" - Qater is the sweet sugary syrup that is put on Arabic sweets. And the title means "we have found friendly agreement in Jounieh, thank you Qater". Of course this is a major play on words which resonates back to the Doha agreement (Doha being the capital of Qatar) back when the Lebanese were in a major political deadlock which brought the campaign "Thank you Qatar".
Whomever did this commands my utmost respect.

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