Friday, July 12, 2013

Beirut/NTSC Ramadan offers

Since Ramadan is upon us, it is only normal for Beirut/NTSC to dig through its archives to give you a glimpse of the ghost of advertising past. We start with an invite by Pepsi to drink some after the delicious iftar... Do note that even till today, both soda giants still link themselves to family traditions in the region (note the minaret and the Ramadan canon in the background). And here it is as a living proof:
OK, now that you have digested a bit, you are entitled for some dessert from the famous Al Samadi shops (now all of them closed actually), but still - as a throwback this is priceless:
Since the night is still young and you are preparing yourself for round two of eating, why not let the children play with the "mousaharati drum" (mousaharati being the person who wakes people up for their souhour meal - or the last brunch prior to officially starting the day fasting before the sun rises) which they won in this 1956 offer from Mickey magazine:

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