Thursday, July 11, 2013

Al Falamanki's Ramadan idiocy

It is interesting this ad showed up so early in the Ramadan period. Usually, I thought I'd had to wait before scoring Ramadan's worst ad - and there it is signed (proudly) by Al Falamanki restaurant. It attempts one of the most idiotic rhymes in Arabic (yalla ya sayem, 3ala al Falamanki ayem, w ftourak 3ana dayem - come you fasting one, to the Falamanki just go, and your iftar is always here waiting). So here's a caution: Unless you are going to go incredibly super creative, like that vintage Zaatar W Zeit ad (Our s7our is waking up for), please, (just like Nike said about its own product in an ad from 1996) - "tell us what it is, tell us what it does, and don't play the national anthem while you do it".

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