Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tefal and the stereotype-defying Chef Youssef

Tefal deserves all the credit in the world. In a gender biased and stereotyped society the non-stick pan is launching a site where - not just women - but also men get to contribute in the kitchen. The full link on facecook is here (and with it the proof that many of the contributors, likes, etc... comes from males). Yes, you read it right: Tefal is defying gender stereotypes in the Arab region inviting men to dabble - seriously - in the kitchen. Do note that Chef Youssef is far from the first male celebrity chef in the region - many others preceded him - but the tone of voice of all others was still aimed at women (which is easy to distinguish in the Arabic language versus more gender-neutral languages such as English). In a patriarchal society, where many men still do not deign do "women's work" this is a serious step forward. I am also including "Barilla" part of my "standards on some models" series which explores gender stereotypes in the region. Well done Tefal!

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