Friday, June 21, 2013

When prostitution and motherhood are two sides of the same coin

When I recently saw these ads for AMMAR (an organization founded in 1994 by Elena Reynaga in Argentina and which aims at advocating sex workers' rights as workers and mothers) and how they used graffiti and street art cleverly to pass the message that "86% of sex workers are mothers, we need to regulate their work", I was also reminded by a project from USEK student Jad Matta which was for a recto-verso 3D poster.
Jad (the project was done a semester ago so there's creative correlation to the ads above by Ogilvy and Mather) wanted to focus on the two sides of prostitution but also on what we call "sainte n'y touche" or women who claim chastity but go wild behind closed doors having multiple lovers all while keeping their public image chaste, and on the other hand women who had to resort to the "oldest profession of the world" to feed their children and care for their needs.
The trick Jad used was "set el settet" which means both "the lady of all ladies" and "the 6 of all 6es" and on the other side of the poster, it was "3emle el sab3a w demmeta" which means "she had done the 7 cardinal sins and then some".
Execution A recto:
 Execution A verso:
Execution B recto:
Execution B verso:
It is good some people are not judgemental, "he who is without a sin, let him cast the first stone" (John 8:7)

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