Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lost (un)found in Beirut

They say you go to Tibet to find yourself. But if you want to lose it, no better place than Beirut. Over the years, I have collected samples of lost "items" (the word is misplaced, I know) on the walls of Beirut.... Pity I missed the one about the lost iguana in Achrafieh - by the time I was there with a camera the poster had disappeared. One never knows the denouement of these stories - they are just posters on walls of "lost unfound".
 A dog
 Another dog
 Two women
 A passerby
 A cat
 A woman
 A man
 A parrot
 A man
A couple

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Anonymous said...

هوي البلد كلو ضايع... بس مين بيعطي مكافأة ليلي بلاقي