Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Crepaway, they came as they were...

Lorem Ispum infused some freshness in a stale brand. Say whatever you want about this video (Brofessional review has a few mixed grills about it :) )... But it is kitsch, retro, blends, spaghetti western, with indie Tarantino (who is actually Roger Avary), with - heck - with practically ever cinematic genre invented. At 3:43 minutes it loses focus at the end, but the song according to the agency was taken from "insights from Crepaway customers".
One small advice to Lebanese food chains - would you please, for the love of God, stop rebranding? "Come as you are" by Crepaway was nice, fitting, and whereas it was not the signature of the century it was quite matching for the brand. Roadster has "there goes my heart" only to be changed (or not changed depending on which franchise you are in) to "together forever". Need I speak of the Zaatar W Zeit fiasco whereby half of the branches still sport the old logo and spirit? So now that Crepaway changed to "all good" - I don't think it is too good of a move. I am sure some leftover ad, presence, truck, napkin, toilet signaling will still have "come as you are". The movie might be cool (albeit a tad unfocused when it changes mood towards the end) and the credits are actually fun (with the disclaimers and all!) - but will "all good" manage to catch on every single item on the Crepaway branding remains to be seen.

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