Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Too much of a good thing.....

Oh there's so many things happening at once... And I am not sure the ads are good enough to keep up with them.... Mothers' day is around the corner and this is the round up from around town covering it.
Make up artist Bassam Fattouh who was rebranded by Rana Salam design and whose rebranding was butchered by Brofessional Review is proposing this ad (for better or for worse):
 Khoury Home sticking to the formula of hard sell, is also sponsoring "something" related to one Faten who apparently takes care of 22 children at the SOS village for orphan children. Whereas the gesture is laudable to draw attention to such a devoted "mother" (as they are called) I did not get the implication - is a certain amount of money donated to SOS following any buying from Khoury Home? What's the deal?
And welcome to the cutest ad of them all... The Moulinex ad... "I came to butcher the green and the dessicated" a local expression in Lebanon. Underneath are the words "a candidate for the elections on behalf of the Kitchen district"... Sadly, very very sadly.... It's been done before!!! Yes, look at this previous ad from Pierre Hachach which has been covered by Beirut/NTSC. And this one was done by a man who himself was a candidate for the parliamentary elections.
 Don't believe me? Please look then!
Bah!!! I rest my case.....
Which brings us to Mike sport.... "Dites le avec des fleurs".... Except that Mike Sport has a bouquet made of shoes, and sporting goods.... Nice try. Nothing too striking but we get the point. A few marks for the effort!
 "A Scholl mom grows younger" - blimey, now that is a promise. Forget L'Oreal, forget anti-aging creams and get a Scholl.... Actually, I thought the promise was very very strong. Pity the brand has this tarnished feel on it - retro but not quite vintage.
 Exotica. Yes of course Exotica.... Well, It is not the Russian dolls ad (one of their best ever) but it's not the "thank you mom" fiasco....
 And the other occasion? Palm Sunday! So babybotte is back with this funky ad.... Kids with an attitude.... No bad - as a parent I would definitely be compelled.
 The first communion season is upon us too! Kids will be competing as to who has the best and priciest souvernirs... Here's some people who can help - Mondo....
 ... And Remiel. Both ads are so huge they are unmissable!
And then there's Easter of course... And the Maamoul traditional cookie. Which needs ghee to be done... This ad runs for the second year straight. With the same dilemma! They say they changed the name but the quality is still there? Does anyone know the original brand which became "Golden Plate"? Is it "Al baqra al haloub?
So as you can see, too many good occassions and the only good ad in town is a remake of an old one! 

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