Sunday, July 8, 2012

BeitMisk - the unexpected fifth NO....

Photo credit: BeitMisk facebook page

BeitMisk has recently issued a press communique welcoming its fist wave of residents. Remember their campaign earlier? The said there would be NO water heaters, NO sattelite dishes, NO gas tanks, NO padlocks... Beirut/NTSC has already analyzed the danger of such measures on the boringness of the place in question, but what stunned the residents listening to Mr. Georges Zard Abou Jaoude who was delivering the welcoming speech (being the chairman of BeitMisk) was another unexpected NO...
NO delivery arguileh!
The residents apparently went into panic mode, and started circulating a petition written with lipstick on the back of a cocktail napkin - one woman even signed it with her mascara (Lancome Hypnose - what else did you expect?). Abou Coco, the closest arguileh deliverer in the area was contacted by a local who preferred to remain anonymous in order to provide support to the people in distress ("tnein 3enab, w tlete m3assal ajami 3a tai3ak Abou Coco" - two grape tasting hookas and three ajami flavored while you are at it).
"Al sabi" (the boy) coming from Abou Coco (on a scooter) did not make it past the gates of the community though after going into clash with the compound's security, and it seems cases of fainting were registered among the attendees due to the hookas not arriving on time.
No official word from the BeitMisk management has yet been issued in reply to this serious incident. One could live without water heaters, sattelite dishes, gas tanks and padlocks (no matter how disturbing to the social fabric of a budding town)... But living without Delivery Arguileh is another matter altogether!

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