Sunday, April 22, 2012

On a billboard near you...

 Is Beit Misk officially the most boring place in Lebanon? I am worried as they seem to be tampering with the basis of the social Lebanese fabric. Imagine a place where there's no satelite dishes (and in extenso no guy to collect the money monthly, no banterings about scrambled images, no visits the neighbours to check if it's your own reception or everyone else's), then image a place with 24 hours electricity (and again, no shoutings "is this dawle or moteur? I need to turn the heater on!" or no "accidental" brushings with the neighbours' daughter as you "accidentally" turn their button off and wait for her to show up), then imagine a place with no gas tanks (and ipso facto no single women needing the muscles of the man next door to help with installing the thing, and would you please stay for a coffee? "wallaw, it's the least I can do")... Hmmm, I am not sure this is a step towards the future as much as it is a place where people do not talk to one another!
 McDonald's have several variants of this ad - the others were too patronizing (and scary) - so I picked this one out of the lot. At least it's inviting! And yes, prices are down from 12-3....

 In case you were asking "what the" is that all about, it turns out - to quote Four Weddings and a Funeral - "fu...ckity!" the new Nissan Juke. Well, frankly now that I think about it, I am not sure I will ever remember this campign as the Nissan Juke campaign, but rather the campaign with funk in it. After all it could have applied to any other brand, and any other car. Maybe a campaign with Juke-box would have been more fitting, or perhaps something with "joke"? Not sure.
Now when it comes to funk, this guy has it all!!!! I am serious, please look closely into the ad and you will find that Fadi Makdessi's logo is "MC F DC" F is (no, not for!) but for Fadi and MCDC is the phonetics of his family name a bit a la Madonna's MDNA... And if this is not tops, then please remember the famous AC/DC logo while scanning inspirations.

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