Thursday, July 12, 2012

Air France: Faire de BeitMisk Le plus bel endroit de la terre?

Research credit: N. Zgheib

Does it look like a case of deja vu or are we over-reading the amount of which BeitMisk (and in extenso their ad agency Leo Burnett) got "inspired from" (to quote the temporary insanity defence of Impact BBDO) the Air France ad? When the famous airline promised "faire du ciel le plus endroit de la terre" (one of the best slogans to ever hit the airwaves!) I am not sure they specifically had BeirMisk in mind. Obviously, the guys at Leo beg to differ.... So, what do we do? In Arabic we have a saying "you spit on him and he says it's raining" - I wonder what the weather forecast looks like at the Burnett Sofil center headquarters these days!... Rainy with a chance of "inspiration from"!


Tarek said...

OMG... I'm wondering if they even used the same feet!!! The first pair from the right look almost identical...

Sans gluten à Beyrouth said...

Same angle, same number of feet! Only mirrored tree.
"Chapeau" for your research department!