Friday, July 13, 2012

Newsflash: Naomi Campbell is barred from entering Lebanese beach resorts

Photo source: here 
Breaking news: Supermodel Naomi Campbell, while accompanying her Uber-rich Lebanese boyfriend was denied access to several Lebanese beach compounds under the pretext that "el khadme ma bitfout." The Lebanese guy tried to make the entrance desks of several of the coumpounds understand that, just because she is not white, Ms. Campbell is not a "maid" (khadme) and that she probably makes in 5 minutes of modelling/photo shooting much more money that these guys even know how to count. "Ma bifham, wehde 3abde mitl heyde ma bchaghella bel beit 3ende" (one "slaveress" [as the term is still used interchangeably in Lebanon between "3abed" (slave) and "aswad" (black)] like this I would not even employ at home).... At the end of his wit, the Lebanese boyfriend who was hoping to show off his girlfriend to the gotha and brag about it, ended up taking Ms. Campbell to "Saint Balech" (or otherwise the small strips of sea still available as public beaches after the promotors took hold illegally of the best spots) where the above photo was taken. "Well, at least people do not piss here as they do in the pools of the compounds" the man was heard saying as a consolation.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hahahahaha are we supposed to believe this?! where are your sources, links, anything to prove this is other than what it is, a fabrication made by you. I know why you did it because you would like to point out the obvious racism that exists in lebanese society BUT COME ON there are plenty horrible true examples that exist... there's no need for this laughable attempt because it hurts your cause more than helps it.