Friday, June 1, 2012

AmerCIA (Central Intellignence Agency) and drones nation!

Source: Different internet sites

A company founded by Mitt Romney - now officially the candidate of the Republicans for the US elections has been tied to the sale of cams supposed to blanket security in China. On the other hand Barack Obama (the incumbent and duh - the Democarats' candidate for same election) is issuing orders for drones to hit basically anyone in the world, including US citizens (it has happened before).
So it is interesting to note the gaffe Romney's team did with their apps, one of which reads "for a better AmerCIA" instead of America.
This in effect leaves us with two possiblites, should either one of them become president, either a nation lead by the CIA and Romney is merely a puppet (heck he did say amerCIA - how obvious can it be?), or dones hovering on top of our heads "somewhere out there" in the case of Obama's secretive program.
On the lighter side of things, the above is a small highlight of how the web took Romney's mistake and ran away with it.... As Barack Obama unveiled his re-election campaign slogan "Forward", Mitt Romney joked that same night "Forward, what, over the cliff?" - now I guess the AmerCIA joke will haunt Rmoney (sorry Romney!) for a long long time.

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