Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cozmo is a vanity fair!

Photos: Wonder8

Nevermind that Zaytouni used to be the brothel area of Beirut, with its new restaurants and clubs it is bound to regain that same title again! But then, when people like Wonder8 are doing such a cool job branding places, no wonder it is attracting people. Their latest project is Cozmo - I will spare you the technical details of it is supposed to be in terms of eateries - but it seems they've been shortlisted for some award because of that. Do note that awards mean nothing to me to be honest, but I do like the product above.
(*Don't bother looking for them on the menu, lusty paid-by-the-hour women come as side orders but there's nothing a maitre d' worth his salt cannot fix)

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Anonymous said...

Spot on TAREK! Last time I went there, lusty women came BEFORE the menu actually.....