Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Marni H&M to hit town on the 8th

Following the website-crashing mass hysteria of the Versace H&M collaboration the fashionista libanista as (Rana from Toom Extra called them) species is now with another unmissable rendez-vous on the 8th of March to launch the Marni x H&M collaboration... I suppose the reason why this is being mentionned in Beirut/NTSC is because we rarely get to have events synchronized with the rest of humanity (movies get launched about several months later, rock stars du jour never include us in their world tours, etc...), so it is kind of nice to have the H&M people include 3 out of the 4 stores in Beirut among the limited 260 boutiques worldwide where the event will be taking place.
I shall spare you the talk of "ethnic bauhaus" yada yada review of the collection (any browse of the net will suffice) but I always wonder how come people buy such expensive African print stuff either from this collection or from Burberry Prorsum when a real African shirt costs less than 2 bucks (trust me, I know, I went to the goodbye party of the Comme des Garcons guerilla store in Beirut wearing my own shirt - thank you Rachid - at a time when the shop was selling its own super overpriced version of it, and the manager of the shop thought it was something I bought from them!).
But also, if I am commenting of this its because of what happened:
As I was snapping photos of the window of H&M I was confronted with a silly "no photography allowed" from two people working there... Which is ridiculous, details of the collection are available everywhere (and Chinese sweatshops are actively doing knock off at three-shifts a day speed)...
But my reply was about me owning a blog and me getting them free publicity and frankly my reply was a bit crude and sort of sarcastic in tone... However, the two people in question immediately backtracked, and offered me (no, not a piece of the collection) but a VIP card for the 8th in whatever shop I desired.
In itself the card does not have privileges as it is still a "first come first served" event but I still thought it was awfully nice of them. Now, if I am going ot use the card of not it would be another matter altogether.


Rana.B* said...

Are you considering a competition and offering the card to your devoted readers...not that i have any chance of going to H&M beirut tomorrow :=)

Tarek Chemaly said...

Damn! I should have thought about this! Do you know anyone who would want it in exchange of a small favor?

Rana.B* said...

maybe http://www.leblogdechanty.com/ ??