Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SMALL TALK at AUB featuring Beirut/NTSC

The Department of Architecture and Design

American University of Beirut
Cordially invites you to the first edition of:
SMALL TALK (a TALK20 event)
Beyond The Image An open design discussion highlighting the relationship between the creative work process and the target audience. The power, the spread, and the universality of the image all contribute to its important influence on our work today. By tracing the steps of the design process, this talk will attempt to reveal the layers that construct the final image.
YARA KHOURY NAMMOUR / Design Director / Al Mohtaraf Design House
NUNO PEREIRA / Design Director / Brandcentral . M&C Saatchi MENA
TAREK CHEMALY / Communication Consultant / Beirut . NTSC
Monday December 19th, 2011 at 6.30 pmDar Al-Handassah Architecture Building
ALH (Architecture Lecture Hall)
After the success of our five TALK20 events so far, we have decided to launch in parallel a second variant of this event, which differs by having a smaller speaker group and a more focused theme based dicussion.This year, small TALK, is bringing together four speakers from  different design fields in Lebanon under one specified theme, chosen by the students. Each speaker will have 15 minutes of presentation time to speak about his or her work, reflect on the subject, and show how he or she deals with it in his or her own practice. The four  presentations thus present four different facets of one theme in design. They will be followed by an informal discussion that would  hopefully be enriching to the students, the professionals, and the local creative design scene.

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