Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bob Bacha, official representative for Showoffus libanicus

So there, the Showoffus libanicus species has a representative, his name is Bob Bacha. It could have been anyone else mind you, but the criteria for (unnatural) selection were very stringent, they included:
Number of ex-girlfriends held cuncurently,
Number of flashy hot rods parked in his grarage,
Number of champagne bottles opened at the trendiest nightclubs,
Number of allowance still given by his father,
Number of trips undertaken yearly to glitzy destinations,
Number of diminishing brain cells he boasts annually.
Mind you, the competition was fierce as the town is gruelling with such individuals but finally, Bob used the highest "wasta" imaginable and possible and was so happy about his selection he actually went out to celebrate with his crew and they opened several bottles of champagne, he saw his name flash on the scroller of the hippest club, cruised around town in his newly acquired sports car, got a "raise" from his father along with an open ticket to the destination of his choice and consequently lost even more brain cells.
Please calle him on 76 66 66 66 to congratulate!

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