Thursday, December 15, 2011

Santa Claus is not coming to town!

This is the rest of the Christmas panorama in town... Again, very little to comment on. Even the Heineken gimmit barely works it for me, as I am really sick of ads trying to "engage the audience online"!... Anyhow, the other nagative review goes for Castania, with the twist of their brilliant line "t3ish w ma tekol ghayra" (which means "may you live and not eat anything else" but in Arabic it is a take on another proverb which goes "may you live and have another disappointment" - because living rates higher than disappointments). My problem is - after the 2008 election of General Michel Suleiman - they came up with a great ad "n3ish w ma nekol ghayra" but when they promise you "el kell ra7 yekelah" for Christmas which originally means "everyone will eat it on Christmas" but also doubles as "everyone will get disappointment" I really beg to differ on this one!...
Oh, and the Samsung ad "ma t7ek" (which means "do not stratch your head") has been done in 2003 for "Malak el Falak" with EXACTLY the same line!.... At the time it was done by Impact BBDO, so I am not sure who did this one!

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