Monday, June 9, 2008

Castania: What does NUT kill you makes you stronger

After the election of general Michel Suleiman as president of the republic and amidst the euphoria that followed, many advertisers tried to capitalize on that event to display messages of hope and ride the bandwagon of selling under any pretext. Naturally, few succeeded in producing worthwile ads. Among those, NTSC salues the Castania nuts effort. While basing themselves on "ti'ish w takol ghayra" - a Lebanese idiom which means "may you live long enough for you to experience/eat another disaster" (Because, according to the rationale, you'd at least be alive to do so!) - Castania flipped it to become "Ni'ish w ma nakol ghayra" (Which means "may we live long enough not to experience/eat another disaster") - the quid pro quo here naturally is that you wouldn't want to eat anything but Castania nuts as long as you live.... A good understanding of local culture never fails to produce a good ad. What does NUT kill us makes us stronger !
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