Monday, July 11, 2011

Is this the latest Aou el Abed joke?

Well, just because I was out of town does not mean I did not keep up with what was going on.... Hmmm, this whole Abou El Abed thing seems so dubious to me! First, in a country where the whole culture is based on coffee - and I don't mean Starbucks (remember "Four bucks is dumb") who needs a coffee drink when you can have the real thing?... And the name? Well, we ALL know what Abou El Abed is related to - and it's not coffee - but more like the latest pornogrpahic joke. So as it is the innuendo is very bad, then comes the line "ah ya abaday" - to my knowledge it is written wrong just like BHV wrote it in another ad. So with a corny product, a ridiculous name, and a badly written headline.... I think I need a coffee (helwe law sma7t).

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Hisham Assaad said...

i have written about it in my blog, and it shows the origin of the product and the manufacturer
check it if you like