Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sara Bitar - USEK graduate

Sara's project about "consumers' Lebanon" (or the board that protects consumer rights) is a gutsy enterprise. She wraps the whole thing under witty lines and tongue-in-cheek visuals. Her main selling line is "koun moustahlik mich moustahlak" (be a consumer but don't get consumed). Visually, she advises us not to be "lying witnesses" (Joumblat is once more Mocked – "the ideal citizen? Or not?" (he changes so swiftly that he himself is confused), now how about Lebanon's quasi transvestite Bassem Feghali? Sara labels him "natural beauty queen"…) – pity her billboards for counterfeit medicines is not here her headline is a wonder "el dawa mich habbe w habbtein" (or "medicine is not a pill or two" – a "pill or two" is a Lebanese idiom that denotes "not to be taken lightly")….


Mahi said...

Congratulation..i love it :)

Francois said...

law awal soura ma 7abayta bass bhanike :) mabrouk !!!