Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Salma Kouchary - USEK graduate

Salma created a new television show based on Zajal (Or traditional Lebanese oral poetry)… Called "Beit Zajal" (it means "a verses of Zajal" but also "a house of Zajal") no wonder then that here selling line is "mnawwar bi wjoudkoun" (which is the classic expression used to in Arabic that means "(our house) is shining with your presence"). She based her whole concept around "Abou el zelouf" (which is a subform of Zajal) but which also means "father of zelouf" and therefore added to him "a family" – so the show centers around "Abou el Zelouf and his family"… Her Valentine's special edition of the show headlines "Rouhain bi rouh" which is a tribute to Moussa Zgheib's (One of the best Zajal-in ever) most famous line (in Arabic it goes "rou7i w rou7ik ya rou7i rou7ain brou7, iza ra7it rou7ik ya rou7i rou7i bitrou7"… Confused? OK, in Arabic "rou7" means "soul" but also means "to go away"… So the poem goes "your soul my soul are two souls in one soul, if your soul goes away (soul) mine would go away (soul) too" (now replace go away with soul and you get the incredible poem!)…).

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