Monday, May 16, 2011

(TRI)Archewallogy - the new archewallogy is now out on 7UPstairs publishing by Tarek Chemaly

Never two without three right? Just like the "Lord of the rings", "Back to the future", "Matrix" and other books or movies (I prefer to look at the Lord of the rings as a book!) Archewallogy is now a trilogy. This third volume, once more brought to you by 7UPstairs publishing - its french title is "L3s murs murs de la ville" and in arabic "al 7ayt lisan al yad" (the wall is the tongue of the hand). As with every installment, the video accompanying the book is already on youtube (except that, this time the video preceded the book by several months and was released last January (Malhame che3riye halal). I truly hope you shall enjoy this new venture!.... All feedbacks welcome!

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