Thursday, May 12, 2011

"Iza mich el tanein, el khamis" says ISF officer about Missing* case.

A Beirut/NTSC exclusive.
The strange case of the missing* is taking some unexpected twists and turns into the art world. Beirut/NTSC has learned from the investigative team in the matter that, after exploring a connection with the movie world, there was another path that was uncovered which is now leading to the literature world. A novel by the name of "Tthe lost Z" by Author David Grann was uncovered on the net. An Internal Security Forces (ISF) officer took the private initiative of looking for it in the most respectable bookstores in Beirut but to no avail. Upon contacting Amazon (oddly, the story also happens in Amazon, but not the website), it turns out that the site does not ship to Lebanon.
The resourceful officer however contacted his cousin in Idaho, explained the matter to him, and will apparently be in possession of a copy of the book within the next few days "iza mich el tanein, el khamis" (if not by Monday, by Thursday at the latest) added the officer (quoting a popular advertising slogan for the Lebanese loto), in case it contains important clues for the investigation. It seems that there is therefore a serious chance of solving the case by next week. As the nation holds its breath about the issue Beirut/NTSC wishes to be hopeful about it.

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