Thursday, April 28, 2011

What's new copycat?... Hallab v/s Lurpak

Hallab sweets (and therefore TBWA/Rizk) has been caught red handed. The same gimmik of "ma3moul bi atyab zebde" for Lurpak has now been used for Hallab "ma3moul... bi hob" (done with love).... People, I don't care WHEN the idea was presented to the client, just pay attention that a couple of weeks earlier Lurpak came with the same idea - which makes yours (not matter how fresh when it came out of your minds) rather obsolete (and worse, it looks like a theft).


KHOTWE said...

7allabo l fekra l jame3a :)
nes btesro2 min l portfolios w nes btesro2 3an l tor2at.

KHOTWE said...