Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beit Misk finally gets it right.

After the rather silly launch campaign (which I am sure it did not deter people with money to invest anyway) Beit Misk, a "village" 15 minutes away from Beirut made of nouveau-faux old houses imitations, has finally got it right for its ads. The new campaign shows "slices of life" (people more happy than anyone of us ever will) with the slogan "I am from Beit Misk" - which means "I come from Beit Misk" (establishing it as a real village) and with the double-entendre of "I am from the Misk family" (the same expression in Arabic means both)... Judging from the quality of the printing which was already tearing up, I wonder about the houses or how strong these family bonds really are.

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