Thursday, March 17, 2011

Random thoughts throughout town

The city is abuzz again with odds and ends. BLC, after a campaign that targetted adults, are now aiming for a younger market - maybe to breed a whole new generation of people owing them money. Whatever the case, they always manage to get their photo wrong. Above the little girl visual, there was another little boy who looked more like a beggar rather than a middle-class family member they wished to portray.
Speaking of banks, Banque Libano-Francaises wants you to have a threesome with a bald banker on your wedding day! I kid you not. "You may kiss the banker"... For such a price, and the interest, and the premium, I am not easily swayed to get married their way.
The Galaxy flake fashion sweepstake, or whatever it is, is here simply because it is yellow, flashy, apealing and marks a stark contrast to everything else on the billboards... Hmmm, isn't that the principle of good advertising?!
Golden Star supermarket in Jounieh is bragging about "we have move a step away, and our star is worth 5 now" - a brilliant ad... With a very, very tiny flaw - "na2alna fashkha" (we moved a step away) was the exact wording of the Lebanese Canadian Bank, Jounieh Branch too, to advertise that their branch moved "a step away"....

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