Tuesday, May 26, 2009

X-tra juice - juicy ad with X-tra brilliance

So finally the best ad of the elections has come by... from X-tra juice. True to its tradition of those pseudo-rapping ads, X-tra has found a brilliant way of attacking everyone.... The ad which runs for 53 seconds is full of innuendoes on political parties, below is the relevant witty fragment of the ad: "Allah Lebnan X-tra wou bass, Sah, Allah Lebnan X-tra wou bass, Falthya Haifa el kobra, zay ma hiyye, X-tra, wou ma baada baada X-tra, wel mahroumin X-tra, wou al sakhra mnofor X-tra, wou min hak el malaab X-tra, wel khat el ahmar X-tra, wou el hezb el akhdar X-tra, taratata X-tra" The decoding: Allah Lebnan X-tra wou bass - God, Lebanon, X-tra and only those. Reference: This is the slogan everyone shouts and replaces X-tra with the name of the politician du jour. Sah - Correct. Reference: The catch phrase of the Free Patriotic Movement in these elections. Falthya Haifa el kobra: May the great Haifa live forever. Reference: Lebanese pop start Haifa Wehbe, one of the rare convergence points between the Lebanese. Zay ma hiyye, X-tra - Put the electoral list as it is. Reference: A line associated with Saad Hariri Wou ma baada baada X-tra - Beyond, beyond X-tra. Reference: Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Hizbullah when he talked about missiles reaching "beyond, beyond Haifa" Wel mahroumin X-tra - and the deprived X-tra. Reference: The way the Shiites refer to themselves. Wou al sakhra mnofor X-tra - on the rock we carve Phalangists. Reference: One of the most known anthems associated with the Phalangists. For the annecdote when the war was raging between the Maronites (Phalangistis and Lebanese Foreces) and the Druze (Socialist Progressist Party) in the mountains, someone phones the popular request show on the Sawt Al Jabal (Owned and run by the Druze) and asks for "al sakra mnohfor Kataeb" to which the very witty hostess answers "al sakhra mnofhor abrak" (On the rock we carve your tombstone). Wou min hak el malaab X-tra - from that greenfield we will not forget. Reference: An anthem of the Lebanese Forces relating to Bachir Gemayel's famous speech on a greenfield. Wel khat el ahmar X-tra - And the red line X-tra. Reference: Primary reference Hassan Nasrallah speaking about the Palestinian camp of Nahr el Bared in the north of Lebanon when the army was about to invade it due to presence of terrorists. Secondary reference: A campaign for the Lebanese forces who picked up the line and put in on many Maronite figures with the line "You are the cedar and we are its red line". Wou el hezb el akhdar X-tra - And the green party X-tra. Reference: Descendent of the ego of Philippe Skaff - CEO of a major advertising agency - the party exists on paper mostly. Tararatata X-tra. Reference: Tararatata is a honk which the supporters of Michel Aoun used to do when he was in power to show their support, and when he was in exile to show their nostalgia. Full of incredible references to all political parties, X-tra is an equal opportunity unemployer for political parties in Lebanon.

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