Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Belated RSVP

And so the reply of March 14th just came out.... too little, too late one might add. The controversy around "Sois belle et vote" has now been relegated to the darkest corners of the internet, but it is only now that the March 14 machine has woken up with the house on fire. So they produced "Sois egale et vote" (Be equal and vote). Then they realized they also had to reply to "I vote 4 change" - an ad by the Free Patriotic Movement targeting the youth - so it was "I think there14 I am" - which means that anyone who votes for change does not think at all. Yawn....

1 comment:

Salim said...

well it seams the opposition booked 99% of the street billboards!
This is exactly the opposite of what happened before when the majority did the I LOVE LIFE campaign.