Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Portrait of the landscape.

With the political turmoil in Lebanon still going domino on all sectors, the impact is still appearing everywhere. Nescafe is playing the violin of "Unite" (together) because - if Coffee mate, Nescafe and sugar can blend perfectly in a "3 in 1" pack - supposedly so can Lebanese!.... "Deviations" a clothing shop in Gemmayze has hanged a sign which goes "Until a new president is elected - 50% discount. Practise peace." Which, depending on how you look at it, is an optimist view of what's going on, or a smart way of liquidating the stock!... And with all the glum, doom and gloom, paradoxically, it is the Internaional AIDS day campaign that sets a positive note: "AIDS exam doesn't need studying" says the billboard. No more intimidation, or fear-tactics, this one doesn't play on phobias or paranoias, it just tells you to get a test if not sure of your status in certain designated places (Free and anonymous).

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