Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The (Com)Promised land

First there was the Promised land, now it's the (Com)Promised land.
The other day as I was walking back home I found a stash of photos thrown next to the garbage can. The garbage truck was closing in and so I gathered as much as I could and walked away with them. Later inspection proved that the photos were taken in Jerusalem somewhere around 1930 0r 1940. I took photos of those amateur photos making them even more amateursih and superimposed on them graffiti, angels, demons, children, fighter planes, bombs, and the whole thing was put inside a monitor screen and the whole photos (All 84 of them) were condensed in a movie 8 seconds long that blinks like memory in a loop hole. Like an REM dream somes images stick others don't, but eventually this is what compromising the land is all about. Above, are 4 still images of the project.

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