Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cara, Kate, #somethingincommon and it's not Burberry or Mango

Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss, style uber-extraordinaires teamed up their charms - which when combined together - goes exponential for a major fashion brand. They inspire lust, voluptuousness, intimacy, and all other things a doctor might have ordered for a rainy day. The brand in question benefits from their sultry looks, their playfulness, their ubiquitous internet presence, and everyone goes to the bank happy.
Now, a small problem is that Cara and Kate teamed up for "my Burberry" perfume, and they also teamed up for the Mango campaign. Both brands capitalized on the same strengths of joining them together. Burberry is a very upscale brand, and Mango is a main street retailer with cheaper prices for its line. Do these two brands have the same target audiences? An interlap is possible indeed, even if not too wide. What bothers me the most is that, when you now mention Cara and Kate, you think of Cara and Kate, not of either Burberry or Mango with both of them paying these two beauties handsomely to be together to appeal to women of different age trends.
Mango launched its campaign with a hashtag, #somethingincommon - which could imply that Cara and Kate have something in common, and if you ask me, that common element is neither Burberry nor Mango. It's their own overwhelming identity which overshadows these brands.

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